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Oil Salvage is a family ran business that has been operating from Merseyside since 1986. Since our inception, we have managed to provide our services from Liverpool to a nationwide service industry, with our directors constantly involved in the day to day activities of the business. This is so we can continue to maintain close, professional relationships with all of our clients. At Oil Salvage we value all of our customer relationships whether they are local or national, longstanding or recent. This type of working approach is very rare in our industry that is why we take it so seriously. We want all of our customers to feel that they can approach us with any service that they need and we must keep a consistent level of communication and care throughout.

At Oil Salvage we understand that climate change is effecting the lives of millions, either harming or even killing in a lot of cases. This is why as an organisation, by using greener technologies we are able to make our waste oil collection services greener.

We offer our oil waste disposal services to all of our UK garage customers. This helps garages manage their waste without disrupting their business. Although we pride ourselves on offering Waste Oil Recycling services, this is just the tip of the iceberg as we offer a vast array of other services, such as: MARPOL Waste, Industrial Services, Oil Import/Exports & Industrial Waste Water Treatment Services. At Oil Salvage we have our very own Waste Water Treatment Plant on site. We are at the forefront of technological advancements for wastewater treatment and our facility has some world renowned equipment to process our customers’ troublesome waste streams. To find our more, click the link here. Industrial Waste Water Treatment.

At Oil Salvage we have a site dedicated to the treatment of waste oils/waters and recycling of garage wastes. With the added advantages of a prime dockside location alongside Liverpool Docks we can import/export large shipments of oil around the world, making us the UK’s leading Oil Waste Disposal Company.

Waste oils are collected from all across the UK, from all aspects of industries including garages, shipping, power stations, quarries, refineries, factories and other major industries. This is treated using high and low technological processes to produce a high quality fuel that meets the high standards of the Environmental Agency Quality Protocol.

To arrange a collection or request a non-obligation quote, please call us on 0151 933 4084 or email sales@oilsalvage.com.




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